Our Amazing Rebound-Like a Phoenix rising out of the ashes!

Royal Majestic Dry Cleaning Laundry is in the midst of an amazing rebound to reassert it’s leadership role in the Chicago area market once again. For over 40 years, Majestic Cleaners has been a well known name in the Northern suburbs of Chicago. In recent years, however, a couple of different owners and managers had left the brand a little tarnished, battered, and worn.

Quality had become spotty, re-inspection inconsistent, and service was unreliable and lackluster. Personnel and trucks were rag-tag and performed marginally at best. The absence of a solid management team with technical expertise, operational experience, courteous professionalism, consistent dependability, and a unified vision of what customers deserve and should be able to expect, had relegated Majestic to second tier status.

In addition, the old company fell into chasing the “value free” vacuum of current trends toward supporting “discount dry cleaners”, who only buy and sell on price alone. Cheaper is not always better! While it reduces the pressure on ever-shrinking household and corporate budgets, the use of discounters overlooks the fact that they routinely cut corners to boast a “lowest price always” philosophy; full of promise, but short on fulfillment. At what cost to your substantial investment and appearance of your wardrobe and textiles?

Further, discounters want only the easiest items that are not “labor intensive”; nor those that require the finest cleaning products and more costly additives, state-of-the art machinery, and trained hands and sophisticated techniques. Discounters do not accept all “common” items or fabrics. Generally, they are not “full service” providers. Truly, all dry cleaners are not created equal!

Beginning in 2012, the appearance of General Manager Tim Wolf-Lewis, and his carefully assembled management team of qualified and personally trained staff, made dramatic and immediate improvements in the form of “old world” European standards of quality; and a return to many hand cleaning procedures and “washroom chemistry” often forgotten or unknown by competitors; including CERTIFIED heirloom preservation of wedding gowns and christening outfits. We are listed on The Knot.

The team installed Tim’s signature “Personal Valet” route service, with its reliable, friendly, interactive customer service, which began to revitalize a sagging and wandering client base. Employing Best Business Practices at every level of the business instills pride, confidence, and motivation for each empowered member of our staff is reflected in our A+ Honor Roll status on Angie’s List. We are the only one listed there! //www.angieslist.com/companylist/us/il/libertyville/royal-majestic-green-dry-clean-free-pk-up-and-delv-reviews-6420266.aspx/

Finally, the team undertook operational maintenance overhaul and outmoded machine replacement which positively affected plant efficiency, recommitting to our CERTIFIED GREEN standards (E&SCC) and safe environmental and workplace (OSHA) compliant practices. Re-certifications embracing environmental sustainability, improved energy efficiency and conservation, use of eco-technologies, and aggressive re-cycling programs helped to reduce our carbon footprint and re-assert our reputation of 1 of only 3 CERTIFIED GREEN dry cleaners & laundries in Chicago. Our released byproducts are 1/10th of that allowed by IL EPA regulation to be considered a responsible environmental partner ensuring safe, healthy, and clean air quality for our community and its residents. www.greencleanerscouncil.com

People like that they can speak directly with the owner/manager on the first attempt. They appreciate the 30 years’ of knowledge and consumer advocacy that the team brings to the table. They appreciate having options carefully and patiently explained to them; and then fulfilled in a timely, reliable, professional manner. A professional alliance with longtime friend The Dry Cleaning & Laundry Institute, with its vast array of technical support, educational brochures and helpful tips, and consumer advocacy forges ties with those clients who want the “why’s and how’s” explained to them. For further information on the DLI, visit their website at www.dlionline.org.

Guarantees on both quality and quantity were re-emphasized along with verbal and written communications bolstering consumer confidence in the brand. New uniforms and logos were designed, new trucks chosen, and eager, smiling faces of our route sales and service reps rounded out the new look. People began to notice, to call, to compliment, and to refer their friends, relatives, and neighbors. Customers (both new and established) were being re-energized, re-approached, and re-converted to “take another look” at Royal Majestic!

Strategic partnerships with the largest employer in the county, and Dress For Success-Midwest Region headquartered in Chicago put a shine on the jewel that is the rising Phoenix from the ashes! www.dressforsuccess.org.

Try us and see the difference that Royal Majestic Dry Cleaning & Laundry can make in the quality of your busy lifestyle! Help us to celebrate our re-emergence! Wiser, stronger, more responsive, and unequaled-like the rising Phoenix! We work for you…because you deserve the Royal Treatment!

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