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Trust. There is an increased level of trust in doing business with a small business, that is absent in the perception of the public, when patronizing a larger company. Royal Majestic caters to your unique, personal preferences using a system of hallmark Personal Valet service. You are not just an account number, but an individual or a family with specific concerns and needs. We appreciate that special relationship with you, and strive daily to achieve your utmost satisfaction and trust. Royal Majestic is a Professional Member of the Dry Cleaners and Laundry Institute (DLI) for technical and consumer information support. We can tell you what is the concern, why it is an issue, and who is responsible to improve accountability to our customers in light of changing consumer laws, and manufacturer and retailer responsibility. We do the right thing at the right time!

Loyalty. Time after time, studies show that people like doing business where they feel valued. Smaller operations are able to give one-on-one attention to detail. You have our direct contact numbers, and have names to go along with those numbers. Our management staff sees every contact as an opportunity to refine, redefine, and add value to our relationship with you. We feel a loyal bond to you, as you show your loyalty to us time after time with your recurrent business opening opportunities to serve you.

Stability. Generally, small business has steady sales throughout the year. They do not depend on big (holiday) sales days such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday to generate revenue to carry them through the fluctuating business cycles. Big business is welcome to be certain; however, the average mom-and-pop, residential accounts make up the bulk of our many routes and firm the foundation of a stable service environment.

Royal Majestic’s emphasis is upon retention of earned business through rotating special offers, consumer education and support, and value added extras at no additional charge. We offer a full range of services that balance our need to exchange volume for European standards of quality and world class service that you deserve! Our Referral Program which offers $10 BOTH to the “referrer” and the “referee” replaces the need to discount or coupon against our regular, fair market pricing.

Location. There is a large push for people to shop local, and support the local economy. Taxes generated by local, small business support the local tax bases, which fund schools, road and bridge improvements, police and fire departments, etc. With the increase of traffic volume and shrinking time for ever expanding agendas, one fewer errand to run or item to remember to pick-up improves the quality of our lives. Considering the increase in gas prices, more consumers are making a conscious effort to reduce costs and increase convenience.

Environmental responsibility. To survive and remain competitive, small business must streamline operational costs and boost value to their customers; while enriching the environment which sustains us all. Reducing the carbon footprint has become very important in the list of reasons why people do business with small business. The willingness to reduce emissions, recycle, re-use, recapture energy, and become more efficient is vital to our environment, our communities, and the cost of goods and services. Royal Majestic on one of only 3 Certified Green Dry Cleaners in the State of Illinois as evaluated and inspected by the Green Cleaners Council! Royal Majestic is the Green Council of Illinois “Green Leaf Award” winner for environmental sustainability and innovative eco-technologies. We are exclusive users of the Eco-Green Garment bags which are 100% biodegradable and compostable environment friendly packaging!


GIVING BACK to make a difference. Small businesses have the opportunity to work locally to improve the quality of life through coordinated efforts that make huge impact in their local areas. Supporting charitable ventures is a natural outgrowth of successful entrepreneurs who realize that potential clients want to partner with a vibrant, humanitarian, vendor with character. Royal Majestic is the Exclusive Corporate Partner & Suitor of Dress for Success Worldwide-Central (Chicago) empowering the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing collection of professional attire and accessories, cleaning donated items, and preparing them for re-distribution; DFS provides a network of support and career development tools to help women succeed and thrive.

Because You Deserve the Royal Treatment!


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