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Your gown and fabric Preservation Specialist – Protect your special memories forever

It’s not surprising that the Royal Treatment includes special services for your most treasured wedding memories. Our archival preservations services are also ideal for baptism, christening or prom gowns, service uniforms and costumes. We preserve them in all their glory, from vintage lace doilies to the latest Vera Wang wedding gown.

The same careful preservation techniques are used for textiles including quilts, banners, flags and fabric art. Long-term conservation depends on proper cleaning and careful storage.

Royal Majestic uses special cleaning processes for lace, delicate fabrics, beads and sequins. After a thorough inspection, we remove stains and clean the garment so it won’t yellow over time. Our expert pressers know how to perform the intricate finishing a gown requires.

Most cleaners recommend storing your priceless memories in an acid-free cardboard box. What they don’t tell you is that cardboard can re-acidify over time and will absorb moisture from the environment, leading to growth of mold and mildew within the storage chamber. Cardboard construction adhesives can even attract mice and bugs.

Royal Majestic uses museum quality storage containers made of archival polymer – the same system used by textile conservators at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Smithsonian Institute.

Free from acids, lignin and dyes, Royal Majestic conservation packaging  provides a controlled and stable environment for ideal preservation without damage from moisture. The archival polymer is chemically inert, so it won’t be subject to reactions or reacidification.

A natural 100% cotton muslin liner is draped inside the box and layered with acid-free unbuffered tissue, folded over the garment to provide an extra measure of protection against atmospheric acids, moisture and chemicals. Acid-free unbuffered tissue is used to fill, cushion, interleave, and wrap the garment and absorb any acids that might form in the fibers of the garment, protecting it over  time.

Our Process:

Wedding Gown Preservation 1

Your gown is received


Wedding Gown Preservation 2


Wedding Gown Preservation 3



Wedding Gown Preservation 4

Completed cleaning


Wedding Gown Preservation 5

Museum quality storage container


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