Certified Green

Greener cleaning is our promise.

Here’s how Royal Majestic delivers.


  • EcoSolv® dry cleaning solvent which is 100% biodegradeable.
  • Biodegradable detergent which are also 100% biodegradeable.
  • Reusable garment bags or garment plastic wraps which are 100% biodegradeable.
  • We recycle and reuse hangers so please send us back your hangers.
  • Our modern machines recycle water and cleaning solvents.
  • We recycle and reduce water usage.
  • We meet or exceed all ecology standards.
  • Reusable laundry bags.



Some of the Certified Green practices used by Royal Majestic Dry Cleaners & Laundry are:

  • Use of an alternative hydrocarbon dry cleaning fluid (DF 2000) which is 100% non-toxic, eco-friendly, odor-free, and environmentally safe; NO benzene or chlorine
    (perchloroethylene-“perc”) with DF2000!
  • Use of custom formulated, alkaline-boosted detergent, instead of phosphorus-based or salt-based soaps (Windfresh, etc.); which may be made with heavy sodium components or reactive chemicals. This helps to maintain and preserve the safety, integrity, and environmental sustainability of the community’s water table.
  • The three large, highly sophisticated, Firbimatic dry cleaning machines are condenser cooled to recover, recycle, and conserve cleaning fluid which reduces unnecessary atmospheric release during the process. These machines are equipped with containment dikes as required by EPA regulations; which protect against chemical waste spillage or minor leakage in the event of machine routine maintenance or malfunction.
  • Royal Majestic contracts with a licensed special waste hauler, to have distilled waste byproducts, filtering cartridges, and absorbents professionally removed and rendered inert. Waste product containment barrels have containment dikes as an extra precaution.
  • The use of a unique condensate “cooker” to separate and boil off the moisture component of the cleaning cycle recovery, and waste water that is circulated through the machine to cool it; another added precaution.
  • Produce only 1/10th of the amount of particulates allowed by law to be released into the atmosphere and the groundwater to be EPA 2015 compliant.Efficient use of water and natural gas:
    I. New vertical tube, high efficiency boiler with special gas regulators reduce erratic gas fluctuations which conserve natural gas and reduce atmospheric emissions.
    II. Water conservation accomplished by using programmable washers, new digital water softener system, and a steam condensation recovery system (traps, makeup tanks, etc.) which conserves water and fosters re-cycling.
  • Total immersion baths improve on the use of “misters” (vaporized solvent with airflow) used by some discount competitors to cut corners. Total immersion means bacteria and surface contaminants are neutralized and removed, which is more hygienically sound;NO more rash outbreaks or skin sensitivities (eczema, etc.)!
  • Green, reusable bags are offered to some clients who are sensitive to use of poly; while patented Eco-Green cleaner bags are made of a 100% eco-friendly poly. ASK your local dry cleaner/laundry today; what products they use, and if they use any of these measures to promote our environmental sustainability and safeguard our children’s futures!

At every step, in every process, Royal Majestic Cleaners meets or exceeds all ecology standards. We’re Certified Green and work to get even better.

For dry cleaning, we use EcoSolv® solvent, 100% biodegradable and ranked non-hazardous. This modern solvent out cleans traditional products yet it’s gentle on fabrics and colors. Because it works in a closed-loop system, no vapors are released into the atmosphere – the fluid is cleaned and recycled every time. You’ll notice cleaner garments with absolutely no “solvent” odor – EcoSolv is cleaner, smarter and totally odor free.

Our wet washing is done with biodegradable detergents in professional machines that recycle water. Your cleaning is packaged in reusable garment bags or plastic wraps which are 100% biodegradable plastic wrap. You can help by returning wire hangers for reuse.






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