By Majestic Cleaners

Humans today are consuming resources quicker than ever before in history, water foremost among them. Enormous subterranean aquifers across America are being tapped for industrial and domestic uses alike – some of which Nature struggles to refill quickly enough to meet our increasing demands. As a drycleaners, however, your daily processes don’t use massive quantities of the precious wet that we all need to keep on living. Tim Wolf-Lewis, President of Royal Majestic Dry Cleaners & Laundry in Mundelein IL advises, “Royal Majestic has always been one of only three environmentally sustainable dry cleaning companies in the Chicago metro area. Consider that when you decide to choose a dry cleaning and/or laundry vendor!”

As indicated in this article by How Stuff Works, the average American family washes four hundred loads of laundry a year. And even though some of the newest and most water-efficient front-loading home washing machines consume as few as five gallons per load, that still amounts to two thousand gallons per household per year. At roughly one hundred and thirty million households, that comes to nearly two hundred and sixty billion gallons soiled – just to keep clothing clean!

Water scarcity crises are already negatively impacting billions of people around the world, from Chile to Burma and many places in-between. Even in the U.S., as mentioned, aquifers are starting to run dry. Redefining in the public perception the ways in which your company is helping to preserve this global resource should help offset negative press about the potential environmental risks of some dry cleaning chemicals.

If you’re interested in learning more about the many water-saving benefits of dry cleaning, contact the Alliance for Water Efficiency by clicking the link or call 773-360-5100.


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