Satin is a weave, not a fiber. The fabric has a shiny, smooth surface because yarns pass or float over four or more yarns during the weaving process. This unique characteristic of the weave is also the reason for its susceptibility to abrasion damage.

If this type of fabric is stained, the weave as well as the fiber content must be considered in the stain removal process.

  • Work on the reverse side of the fabric to prevent snagging, chafing, or abrading the long float yarns.
  • The steam gun should be four inches away from the fabric to prevent distortion or yarn slippage.
  • Be certain to hold the brush perpendicular to the fabric and to tamp lightly! Satin weave fabrics are often made from silk, rayon, or acetate fibers. Use stain removal agents that are appropriate for the fiber.
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