Re-branded, Re-Organized & Retrofitted

The Royal Majestic Story

Royal Majestic Dry Cleaners & Laundry is a family owned operation for over 40 years which is an “A” rated Angie’s List Company, having earned their coveted “Honor Roll” designation, which only 2% of their referrals enjoy! Further, we have been selected as Angie’s 2012 Super Service award winner in our category. In addition, we have been voted #1 Suburban Dry Cleaner. Most importantly, Royal Majestic is staunchly committed to being an environmentally responsible citizen in our communities becoming a greener,healthier, more balanced ecosystem for all our families! Our use of alternative, hydrocarbon based cleaning fluids, exclusive use of the unique, and proprietary Eco-Green biodegradable and compostable cleaner bags, active recycling program, and provision of reusable garment bags are further evidence of our ultra-green orientation. We are only 1 of 3 Chicago metropolitan dry cleaners CERTIFIED GREEN by the Green Cleaners Council of IL. We have been awarded their coveted Green Leaf Award (4 Leaves) for environmental sustainability and use of innovative eco-technologies.

President Judd Feldman has recently invested in cutting edge, eco-friendly machinery and efficient, labor saving technology in our plant, including a Metal Procetti. This incredible device virtually eliminates human error in the sorting and assembly phases of the operation, by facilitating communication between the barcode driven computer software and its own unique interface. In addition, a newly installed, 30HP Lattner Vertical Tube Atmospheric boiler is more energy efficient and allows us to recover excess steam and heat generated as a by-product of the process, instead of allowing it to escape up the stack into the atmosphere.  3 new, industry acclaimed Firbimatic Eco-Green dry cleaning machines, 3 Uni-Mac 60# commercial washers, 2 high capacity commercial dryers round out the heavy duty workhorses here. Our 2 Double-Buck Sankosha shirt presses are capable of over 100 shirts per hour each; and 2 Sankosha Double Legger pants presses eliminate double creases, with their automatic pants toppers which produce flat waistbands and even cuffs. A Speed Queen Commercial flatwork finisher produces crisp, European quality laundry, bed linens, and custom tablecloths and napkins.


European Standard Cleaning Quality and Personal Valet Service as a Lifestyle!

The plant process begins with acutely detailed invoices, specifying each customer’s personal preferences; documenting an item’s type, style, color and design features, fabric and decoration, construction, label, and physical and soiled (stained) condition. Royal Majestic’s initial garment inspection is reinforced by plant staff re-inspecting each piece (2nd evaluation); and sorting them according to care label instructions, type and nature of soil, color, fabric, decoration, and stains to be treated.

Pre-spotting techniques are critical steps in assuring stains are not set in the drying cycle; as so often happens with “discount” cleaners. Pre-spotting begins with a trained staff member assessing the nature and extent of the stain; and working methodically through the complex technical steps to safely break and remove it. Stains are divided into two major categories: solvent-soluble and water-soluble. Different stains require different treatments. Much care is taken, with different techniques and increasingly specialized fluids; oxidizers, reducers, and specialty fluids can be used to act in different directions for different results. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the staining process, not all stains can be safely or completely (successfully) eliminated. Sometimes, the final step is to determine that all that can be done, has been done. Further information can be attained by reading the consumer bulletins and technical materials on our website.

Loads are scheduled according to the type and size into our various machines. Further, Royal Majestic employs hand cleaning techniques designed to gently coax soil and stains from delicate fabrics such as taffeta, satin, lame’, and brocades. We specialize in St. John’s Knits and other expensive garments!

Dry cleaning uses fluids, commonly called solvents, to remove soil and stains from fabrics utilizing a closed machine that cleans, spin and dries. A major advantage of dry cleaning is its ability to dissolve grease and oils when water is ineffective. Natural fibers (wool, silk) dry clean very well, but can shrink, distort, and lose color when washed in water. Synthetic fibers (polyester) respond well to dry cleaning, whereas they can retain oily stains after washing. Cottons can be safely processed in either media, although one is often used over another due to the nature and extent of soil. Dry cleaning restores and renews textiles to a renewed condition using safeguards to prevent shrinkage, loss of color, and change of texture or finish.

Wet cleaning is a gentle form of water based cleaning that professionals may elect to process sensitive textiles such as wool, silk, rayon, and linen. It provides flexibility in cleaning items that may not withstand a dry cleaning process or that have soils that would be better removed in water. Decorated items with plastic beads or sequins may dissolve or discolor in dry cleaning, but generally withstand wet cleaning. Rubberized, polyurethane, spandex, or vinyl items (incl. PVC products) may be wet cleaned so that they do not lose their shape, become stiff or brittle, or suffer fusible separation between their facings and linings. In this case, it is followed by an air drying technique. Textiles with large beverage stains, mud, road salt, or hem dirt & grime fair better in a wet cleaning process. NOMEX and KEVLAR are wet cleaned to maintain the special properties of these highly protective materials.

Dry cleaning (or wet cleaning) is followed by air or tumble drying of most textiles. Dress shirts and bed and table linens are exceptions, since they are pressed damp to achieve the “finished, crisp look” of a commercial laundry. Most garments and household items are finished (the term for pressing and/or steaming) using one or more specialized presses and hand irons for specific fabrics, decorations, and constructions encountered daily. Royal Majestic utilizes steam heat with air driven presses, not electric heat, as smaller “mom-and-pop” operations often do. This combination eliminates the possibility of “scorching” fabrics, which happens only with electric irons that are unsheathed. Further, iron guards protect hand “touch up” irons from coming into contact with finer fabrics to avoid crimping or wrinkling them due to “too hot” of an iron damaging these delicate garments.

Garments and textiles are then re-inspected (a 3rd time) to determine if further care is necessary to improve unusual circumstances or condition of the end product. Another staff member sews buttons on where they are missing upon arrival, have come loose in processing, or are cracked by customer use. Royal Majestic replaces hundreds of buttons per month, as a “value added” courtesy and basic element of our Personal Valet Service ethic. If the items are judged “best possible”, they are sent over to the Metal Procetti for assembly and bagging. Orders are racked for delivery to clients, where route representatives perform a 4th re-inspection delivery.

Contrary to popular belief, frequent cleaning does not damage clothes. Frequent cleaning extends the life of a garment by removing stains, soil, and ground-in dirt that can cause fiber abrasion and degradation. Frequent cleaning removes stains that could oxidize and yellow if left untreated. Exposure to light (UV), heat, humidity, or the passage of time can cause stains from food, beverages, and other oily substances to oxidize and turn yellow or brown, much the way a peeled apple turns brown after exposure to air. Once that occurs, they become much more difficult to remove or cannot be removed at all.

Some cleaners provide garment storage for out-of-season items. The garments are stored after cleaning, which offers protection from insects, fire, burglary, flood, and mildew damage. Furs used to be the primary storage item; but today, cleaners receive woolens, household items, and other items to store as well. Royal Majestic has facilities for cold storage of fur, suede, and leather garments. Air conditioning IS NOT cold storage! Air conditioning is a cooling process which reduces the heat in an atmosphere; however, it removes humidity simultaneously, which dries out the natural skins, causing them to become brittle, crack, and deteriorate. Damage is often irreparable. Cold storage is a refrigerated atmosphere which combines cooling with a controlled humidity allowing the skins to remain fairly pliant during summer months. Along with annual cleaning and glazing (re-oiling of the skins), refrigerated storage extends the life of natural skins like furs, suede, and leathers.

State of the Art Equipment

 State of Art Machinery

Royal Majestic Dry Cleaners and Laundry has recently invested in three state-of-the-art Firbimatic EcoGreen Dry Cleaning Machines, featuring the sophisticated SMART microprocessor and COMBI computer. These amazing units are eco-friendly, innovative, flexible for alternative solvents, and cost effective. Manufactured in Italy, they use cutting edge technology to conserve energy due to their sophisticated computer technology, while boosting quality, reducing operator error and process variance, and protecting the environment.

Why is Firbimatic different from the rest?

  • Continuous filtration of fluids to remove micro particles of soil and contaminants; double lint filtration with an ecological spin filter; pre-programmed, automatic fluid distillation process.
  • Vortex Vapor Induction Drying System greatly reduces drying times through the use of a specially designed drying chamber; with its unique fan placement, and condensing and heat pump coils. This technology increases the flow of both air and solvent vapor into the recovery chamber; with auto lockouts eliminating emissions and any escape of Freon gas.
  • The COMBI computer allows a constant drying temperature, with a cool down feature improving quality and facilitating easier finishing.
  • Constant monitoring of moisture and detergent charge to maintain cleaning fluid purity, clarity, and pH to eliminate shrinkage and change of appearance.
  • Maintaining constant temperature of fluids to eliminate dye run or dye transfer in cleaning.
  • Added textiles supplement for garment body and softness.

Sankosha Double Buck Shirt Press For Perfect Cuffs & Back Pleats

Double Buch Shirt Press

Automatic Pants Topper-Professional Waistbands and Evenly Matched Cuffs

 Automatic Pants Topper

Double Legger Press-No More Double or Mismatched Creases

 Double Legger Press

Thanks for all the technical systems consultation, consumer education and training, and eco-friendly improvements to our hallmark European standards of quality fabric care and world-class Personal Valet service to our friendly professionals:

  • Harry Kimmel and Jim Kirby from the Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute in Maryland.
  • Bryan Barca and Jack Arendt from Haiges Machinery in Huntley, IL.
  • Special thanks to Corey Faulkner, Ken Bull, and Nick Gagliano for their guidance, advice, and advanced training sessions.
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